Advantages of In-Home Care Over Nursing Home Care

Choosing the greatest overall care for a senior loved one can be a difficult decision. You must examine the benefits and drawbacks of various care options, as well as personal preferences, financial considerations, health challenges, and other factors. You may also have thoughts of guilt and doubt, which can make decision-making much more difficult. As you consider what to do next and where to turn, you may wonder whether in-home care is preferable than nursing home care or an assisted living facility. Here is a list of advantages of in-home care to assist you think through this process: 

1. Cozy, familiar surroundings 

The most obvious advantage of in-home care is that it allows elderly people to remain in their homes, minimizing interruptions associated with the transfer and allowing them to keep their routines. Sudden changes in environment or habits can be very distressing for older persons suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. 

2. Care alternatives that are personalized for the individual

Whether your senior requires part-time care during specified hours of the day or 24-hour care, in-home care provides a choice of flexible scheduling alternatives as well as a comprehensive “menu of services” that may be tailored to unique needs. Your loved one will be matched with an appropriate caregiver who can assist with certain duties throughout care hours. In-home caregivers provide one-on-one care, allowing them to form deeper connections with their clients. Caregivers can learn about your senior loved one’s likes, dislikes, and hobbies with this degree of customized attention. This strategy also assists careers in anticipating needs, effectively communicating, providing companionship, and identifying problems that should be brought to your attention. 

3. Affordability

Medicaid Waiver Home Care is absolutely free of charge. What’s more, if you are a family caregiver you will be paid for taking care of your loved ones. Many high-quality senior residences provide extensive services, this “one-size-fits-all” concept may result in your loved one paying for things that aren’t required. Furthermore, staying at home reduces the costs of moving and storage that may be associated with a relocation to an older adult facility. 

4. Safety and health advantages

Unfortunately, nursing facilities have been among the most severely affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. By limiting your loved one’s exposure to other nursing home residents, caregivers, and staff members, choosing home-based personal care may lower the odds of your loved one contracting a serious illness. 

5. Additional privacy

Residents at nursing homes share outdoor areas, visiting rooms, dining facilities, activity areas, and, in some cases, a bedroom and bathroom with other residents. In-home personal care allows your loved one to keep their privacy and access familiar locations on their own terms and schedule. Despite the fact that a caregiver will be permitted into their home, our personal care specialists are trained to respect your loved one’s privacy by providing care and companionship when needed and stepping back when requested. And when the caregiver is a family member it’s additional benefit.

6. Encouraging independence If older persons require only minimal assistance with certain tasks, moving to a nursing home may compel them to give up their valued independence sooner than necessary. For example, your loved one may require assistance with grocery shopping but still enjoy meal planning and preparation on their own. Your loved one may not be able to continue planning and cooking meals in a nursing facility. An in-home caregiver enables your loved one to continue doing meal planning and preparation activities on their own while receiving support in other areas. 

Your loved one’s well-being is your main priority as a family caregiver. Our experienced caregivers at Bunny Home Care provide great personal care services for older individuals – and peace of mind for family members – that is tough to match in older adult facilities. If you believe that in-home care may be a possibility for your loved one, our Bunny Home Care coordinators would be delighted to review your loved one’s needs during a free in-home care consultation.