10 Signs Your Aging Parent Might Need Assistance

Adult children should be alert of changes in their parents’ attitudes or behavior, which are frequently imperceptible over the phone. There are clear indicators that some form of intervention is required:

1. Forgetting to take medication on a regular basis could be a sign of short-term memory loss or depression. This isn’t only a matter of quality of life; it’s also a serious risk factor.

2. Doctor’s appointments were missed. Sometimes this is simply due to a lack of transportation and a lack of knowledge on how to find ride options.

3. Phone calls at inconvenient times. When a parent calls friends or relatives at unusual hours, it could be a sign of memory loss or a cry for help — both of which can be symptoms of despair or loneliness.

4. Inappropriate behavior, attire, or language. This could indicate that he or she is puzzled. 5. Depression symptoms are a common problem for many elderly persons who feel alienated and alone.

6. Mail and bills are left to accumulate for extended periods of time.

7. The residence is messy or disorganized. There is no washing done.

8. Food in the refrigerator is uneaten or has gone bad. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning become too time-consuming.

9. Short-term memory loss may cause burning on the bottoms of pots and pans. 10. The parent wears the same clothes again and has other personal hygiene difficulties. Finally, it is essential to pay attention to all elements of elders’ lives in order to provide assistance when it is required.